From UK
Ferries - Portsmoth to various, Le Harve, Caen, St Malo, Calais
Channel Tunnel via Paris
Cean to Chez Galy approx 5 1/5 hours via Le Mans, Tours, Poitiers
The sea is 1 1/2 hours away I'lle de Orleon, La Rochele 2 hours
Bordeaux 2 hours
Stunning St Emillion 1 1/4 hours
Bergerac 1 hour (UK flights summer from lots of airports)
Bordeaux 2 hours
Angouleme  1 Hour (summer)
Poitiers 2 hours

Getting Here


Chez Galy is located 1Km from the small hamlet of Nanteuil De Bourzac in the stunning french countryside. We are just 5-10 mins from the towns of Gurat and Verteillac (see yellow map) and 15 - 20min from Villebois Lavalette and Riberac market towns. The nearest airport is Bergerac around 1 hour 15mins. The bigger town of Angouleme is 45min drive.



By Air: Bergerac (1 hour drive) or Bordeaux (2 hour drive) low cost carriers from Europe and UK, RyanAir, EasyJet etc. Some flights to Angouleme


By Car:  Ferries from Portsmouth, Newhaven and Dover google ferries to France.


Auto Route: Le Mans, Tours, Poitiers, Angouleme (south ring road), Villebois Lavalette, Gurat, Nanteuil Auriac de Bourzac


Distance from: Portmouth to Caen then car ferry to CG is around 5 hours , from Paris around 6 hours.



Chez Galy Nanteuil De Bourzac
Nearest town - Verteillac 4 miles
Market town - Riberac
Historic towns - Mareuil, Brantome, Villebois, Aubeterre, Perigueux
Nearest airport: Bergerac 1 hour
Bordeaux 2 hours
Wine region  - St Emillion 1  1/4 hours